IT Consultant

A consultative, solution-oriented and versatile Information Technology professional with experience across a breadth of functions including IT consulting, IT management, business analysis and web & applications development, with special expertise in NetSuite configuration and customisation. Exceptional communicator possessing a practical balance between technical proficiency and business insight, coupled with a successful track record of managing complex projects.

* PMI Credentialed PMP (Jan 2013)
* NetSuite OneWorld CRM/Administration/Project Lead (3 years)
* IT Software Development (10 years)
* IT Management (5 years)
* IT Project Management (small/medium size; 4 years)
* Kanban, Scrum, Lean (4 years)

Key responsibilities:
• Lead team to implement NetSuite OneWorld CRM & ERP.
• SDN setup, deploy SuiteApp – Bulk SMS, echoSign, InfinetCloud payroll.
• Develop knowledge base and cross training developers.
• Manage third-party vendors.
• Manage NetSuite projects.
• Deliver and maintain PID, BRD, RAID & Project Plan.